Perperikon, Bulgaria

Lately the interest in Perperikon is significant – maybe because this area is one of the newest discoveries in Bulgaria. Some friends told me that they have visited the place, so I was curious to do it myself. I finnaly had the time for that in April. I chose the easyest way – by car. Perperikon is located in the Rhodope Mountains near Kardjali, and the road there is good. You can leave your vehicle in the parking lot – and then to climb the hill by foot. At the top of the hill you’ll see this preserved ancient city. The best season to visit the area is probably in the late spring. In the summer the heat would be unbearable, and in the autumn the fallen leaves and the mud will make the walk more difficult. Actually, the terrain is easy to climb – just put some good shoes..

You can hire a guide or buy a map of the are.  But this is actually unnecessery. You can download a map or info from Internet and you will have no problem identifying what’s what. I was totally unprepared and maybe that’s way I desecrated ancient tomb – perhaps the most remarkable part of the excavation. The spirits of dead kings hunted me and few meters higher up I managed to stumble into a stone, which cost me bruised knee. So.. I advise you to watch your steps!

Perperikon is a complex consisting of a sanctuary, city and fortress. They still do some excavations, but for now you can see the sanctuary of Dionysus with a stone altar, tombs of some kings, foundations of houses and an ancient church. Different tribes inhabited the area and each of them left a mark, building new buildings ovetr old ones. There are a lot of legends about the place. It will be difficult to summarize them. But I know one thing for a the fact –  the place has a unique atmosphere. Instead of spending the weekend on you couch, you can visit Perperikon. I think you will not regret…

On your way to Perperikon (or on your way back) you can stop for a quick visit of another attraction – Stone mushrooms. These are some rock formations which are located in a small area near the main road between Haskovo and Kardjali. You can not miss it, the stome mushrooms can be seen from the road.

By Neli


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