Castle of love, Pubol, Spain

Pubol is a small village in the heart of Catalonia. It is known to be beatiufil quite village, thats why when the Spanish artist Salvador Dali were looking for a place to relax, decided to buy place here. He bought an old building in the center of the village, repaired it and gave it to his wife Gala as a present. When they were young, he promised to give her a castle, at old age he remembered this promise and in 1969 finally kept it. Dali even promised to never set foot in the house without a written invitation from his wife. Actually, the building is not a real castle, it is more like a country house on two floors with a garden, garage and a crypt. The tour will take no more than an hour, but it is enough to take a peep in Gala’s life.

Her history began back in 1894 in the Russian city of Kazan, where she was born under the name Elena Dyakonova. At that time no one imagined that this girl will become one of the most famous women in 20th century.

Elena was the third child, but she was the favorite of his father. When in high school she suffered a nervous breakdown, her father found the money to send her an expensive Swiss sanatorium. There she met a boy named Eugene Grandel, who later become one of the most famous French poets. At the time Eugene Grandel was nobody. He was very sick and the doctors weren’t optimistic. Elena gave him strength to fight the disease, became his muse. She chose the name  Paul Eluard and the name Gala for her. But the omance was short, Gala’s parents were unable to pay no more for her treatment so she had to return home. Gala, however, found a way to leave Russia, this time for ever. Following his heart, she went to Paris, where she started her new life with Paul. They married in 1917, a year after that their daughter was born – Cecil. Gala, however, didn’t had plans for a baby in her life. She left the baby in the care of the grandmother, while she was enjoying the Parisian life. She and Paul part of a circle of famous artists. Some biggest talents of that time were often guests at their home. Gala loved not only to communicate with rheguests, but to sleep with the most of them. Paul did ha problem with that. This lifestyle inspired him to write poetry. However, with the years passing their relationship fall apart. At this point Gala met the eccentric Salvador Dali.

She was 11 years older than him, not pretty at all, with a body like a boy. Yet there was something in her that Dali fell in love with – later he wrote to Federico Garcia Lorca: “I love her more than my father, more than my mother, more than Picasso. And even more than money.”  Still married to Paul Eluard, Gala moved with Dali. She became his muse, lover, manager. They were perfect for each other – they both loved fame and money. Salvadir Dali with Gala by his side become the most famous artist of the Nineteenth century. Surely – one of the richest. So when he promised hs wife a castle, he wasn’t joking. To please her he even ordered to do taps in the bathroom of pure gold. But the big money was not in Europe. They went to the United States. Dali’s art became a money machine.  They were selling perfumes, socks, ties and even toys with fragments of Dali’s paintings. They continued to scandalize the society with every action. Gala had many relationships with actors, writers, 40 years younger than her men and with anyone she liked.

Dali didn’t mind. He was still in love with Gala, he believed that they will always be together. In the crypt in the castle Pubol he ordered to make two coffins  – for her and for him – with holes on the sides that they could hold their hands for eternity. Gala, however, died several years earlier han Dali. She didn’t kept her promise always to be beside him, so he changed his mind. It didn’t went to the funeral of Gala and asked to be buried in the Museum Theater in Figueres. He stopped painting, stopped eating, stopped living. In 1984 in his room in the castle Pubol fire broke out under mysterious circumstances, Dali was rescued, then he returned to Figueres to die five years later from heart failure.

Gala’s body today lies in the crypt of the castle in Pubol. The interior of the castle is kept unchanged . You can see some of Gala’s belongings, her dresses, paintings of Dali. In the garage you will find one of his 17 Cadillac and the garden is decorated with strange figures of elephants. This al is a prove of the love of one man to one woman. An extraordinary woman. In his life Gala has often been accused of seeking the company of great people. The truth is that she actually created them, inspired them. While living with Paul Eluard in Paris she was dreaming to be part of the high class of the society. She wanted to have theur life, to wear clothes like theirs. But she could not afford this expensive dresses. She was doing her dresses into the shop of unfamous seamstres. Gala were showing her famous magazines, were telling her what king of fabrics to use, where to add lace, buttons and beads. The two became friends and remained such. This poor seamstress is now better known as Coco Chanel.

In the biography of Gala there are a lot of interesting names, and many untold stories. What really was this mysterious woman, probably only few people can tell.  And each year thousands of tourists pass through her bedroom in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of her life. ..


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