All roads lead to Rome

Rome is the biggest city in Italy and one of the biggest cities in Europe. And it is – for sure – one of the most beautiful cities. Unfortunately, today the Italian capital is so crowded with tourists that you can hardly enjoy the visit. My first visit to Italy was in August 2010 – the traditional vacation month for the Italians. Summers, however, is certainly not the best time to visit Rome because of the heat and the crowds f tourists. Autumn in Italy, however, is something else. The weather is perfect for calm walk on the sunny streets of Rome.

It was a beautiful November day when Vesi and me visited Italy together. The street in front of the Colosseum, Via Del Fori Imperiali was closed for cars and the pedestrians were enjoying the nice Sunday morning. However, if you’re one of those energetic travelers who have no time for walks and just want to see as many of the main attractions, then I advise you to buy . Roma Pass card. It costs about € 20 and allows you to enter two museums free of charge and in any other with a discount (30%, 50%). The card includes a map of the center and a card for using all lines of the public transport for 24h. One of the benefits that the card gives you is that there is no need to wait in long lines in front of the museums, there is a different entrance for the people with that card. This may be useful if you decide to enter the Colosseum. And this is the first landmark that you should go. Maybe some of you will be disappointed. “I imagined it to be bigger!” said Vessi at the moment when she saw it. Yes, maybe the Colosseum is not one of those sights that make your heart stop, but it certainly has its charm.

This colossal building was built in less than ten years and still gathers  thousands of visitors. In the left of the entrance you can see the Arc de Triomphe of Constantine, and behind it – the entrance to the Roman Forum.

Across the street is the Imperial Forum and Trajan’s column. The street ends on Square Venice, where you can see the impressive monument of Victor Emmanuel II. This is one of the most majestic monuments in Rome! Near it there is the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, where you can find the famous statue of baby Jesus. It is here where the football legend Francesco Totti had his wedding. Down the same street you can see strange stairs designed by Michelangelo, they will lead you to the Capitoline museums. There are paintings and sculptures of the most famous Italian artists in there. You will see the statue of the Capitolian she-Wolf and the brothers Romulus and Remus – the symbol of Rome. If you like art, take enough time, because the museum is very big!

Next stop – the Pantheon. The building is 2000 years old temple. Today in there are burried the Italian King Victor Emmanuel II, and Raphael. No entrance free.
From here you can easily reach the Trevi Fountain – the most famous and biggest fountain in Rome. In the central part you will see sculpture of Neptune, on the sides – many other shapes and details. They say that if you throw a coin into the water you will go back there again some day. From experience I can tell you that there is some truth in this. Near the fountain is situated “St. Vincent and St. Anastasius” church, which is given for use of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church by Pope John Paul II. If you are Bulgarian in Rome you can get married there… probably…

Walking the streets of Rome you will soon realize that everything you see around you is history, culture and art. Each square, street or fountain catches the eye.

Among the most famous squares are Navona Square and Spanish Square with the fountain ugly boat. Spanish square is famous with the fashion shows that are played on the staircase leading to the church of Trinita dei Monti.  Opposite on the stairs is located street Via Condotti – you can find there the most expensive shops in Rome – Armani, Valentino, Prada. There are also a lot of park areas in Rome. The largest park is called Villa Borghese. There you can find the famous gallery Villa Borghese and the Zoo.

Going to and travel in Rome easy. From the airport you can catch the train Leonardo Express and you’ll go directly at Termini Station. This is the busiest station in Rome. All day ticket to use the two metro lines and the public transport is € 4. Rome has good links to a lot cities in Italy – traveling around the country is also fast and not too expensive.

In conclusion, I can only say one thing – my words are not enough to describe Rome. Italy is the love of my life. I knew it before to go there, now I know it for sure. I love the Italians with their emotions, love their language and gestures that make when they talk, I love their food, nature, culture and history. In Italy I feel like the time has stopped, it seems like the sun never stops shinning. Of course, Italy is not the perfect country, has its social and political problems, but maybe that’s why I love it. Italians are unorganized, noisy and never on time. But they do everything with their heart – laughing, singing and dancing, love. And for me the words “all roads lead to Rome” mean something more, because I am sure that wherever my life takes me, my love for this country will makes me go back there again and again… walking on the eternal streets of Rome…

By Neli


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