Walk in the Past – Pompeii

Have you ever wanted to go back in the time and take look at of the lives of the Romans 2,000 years ago. I guess the best way to do this is to turn on the Discovery Channel or to rent a  documentary about the rise and the fall of the Roman Empire. But I have a better idea – go visit Pompeii. In 79th  the city was buried under volcanic ash from the volcano Vesuvius. It remained that way centuries. The excavations began in the middle of the XVIII century, the reconstruction and restoration continued until the twentieth century. Today Pompeii is named the best preserved ancient city.

Getting near to Pompeii you’ll  notice from a distance the rising figure of Vesuvius. Today it is the only active volcano in the continental part of Europe and to be so close to it is somewhat exciting. Well, of course, there is no real danger for your life.

In 79th, when the volcano was showing signs of eruption two days before this to happen. Many residents, however, refused to leave their homes so they found their death. Today in Pompeii you can see remains of ash frozen in human and animal forms. Houses are preserved, as they were then. With the entering in the town you can feel the atmosphere of past centuries. Roman forum, Market place, sanctuary, shops, private homes, court, banks, theaters, public baths, dining areas and most of all brothels you can see in front of you. On the walls of the buildings you’ll see campaign slogans and drawings with the age of 2,000 years. In each anniversary of the eruption of Vesuvius they do a special show. If you are visiting Pompeii on this day,  don’t be scared by the sound of sirens, like a volcanic eruption. They are for show.

If you like history, the city will surely impress you. However, I recommend you to avoid visiting it in the summer months (July and August) because the temperature in this part of Italy is very high. And when you are in this region, you can go visit the beautiful city of Naples too ..

By Neli


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