Eindhoven in grey

How I found myself in Eindhoven , this is long story. Short version – I needed to fly to Latvia and the cheapest way was through Netherlands (changing two WizzAir flights). Or I thought so. Yes, we saved money from the plane tickets but the accommodation in Netherlands was not cheap. After checking few booking sites and after a recommendation from a friend, I found a hotel for 25 euro for a night. Comparing to some hostels where I’ve slept for 8-9 euro, it’s a lot but it was our best (and only) option. It was (kind of) work related trip, so I couldn’t use couchsuring – I had no right to do mistakes. Anyway, I booked the hotel –

As usual, I did research in Wikitravel just to know what kind of bus connection to take from the airport to the city center and I printed list with the main attractions. It turned out that Eindhoven is a small industrial city and the most of the sights are connected with Philips industry. Well, I have never been in Netherlands, so I was curious to see it, even if it was a small city.

First impression of the Eindhoven: tickets for bus for 3 euro and bikes everywhere. Yes, in Netherlands everything is expensive. Actually, the public services and the transport are expensive. Eating outside is also very expensive. But if you go in an ordinary supermarket you can buy your food at almost same price as it is in Bulgaria. The tickets for the museums are also expensive. But you can try to get some discount – for a student for example. In Eindhoven there are several museums and art galleries but one of them is must see – Van Abbemuseum. Every Thursday of the month after 17h o’clock there is no admission fee. And we were there exactly on the first Thursday of the month! What a luck!

Bikes. Small bikes. Big bikes. Pink bikes. Bikes everywhere. That’s Eindhoven. In some parts of the city the bikes alley are even wider than the streets. I am so not used to that so I was walking on the alley for the bikes instead of the pavement for the half of the time. But Dutch ware so nice, no one ever yelled at me to go away. Typical Dutch? They are calm, organized, easy-going people. The city itself is also calm, well organized, clean. After two days walking around, I can say that I know every street. I visited all main attraction, even PSV Eindhoven stadium.

Actually, as a big football fan, I visited it first! Typical Dutch food? I actually didn’t have the chance to try something very typical. Well, except Heineken! Typical Dutch weather? I’ve spend two days there in the beginning of August. In Bulgaria at this time of the year the temperatures reach 40 degrees. In Eindhoven it was 20 degrees and the sky was grey. Exactly my kind of weather! Typical Dutch attitude? They know how to work, but they also know how to party. On Friday evening the city looks differently. Everyone is out for drinks with friends, leaving the worries behind.

Bottom line? What is Eindhoven for me? Well, if I have to be honest, I would say that this is not my place. It was interesting to meet different culture and norms, but two days are more than enough. As you can see in my text, I am not very enthusiastic about Eindhoven. But Im not done with exploring Netherlands. Amsterdam, it is your turn!

Text by Neli
Photos by Neli


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