Tombs and bones – part III – The ghosts of Kutna Hora

Once we left Brno, we headed to Kutna Hora. Because of our little mistake at the train station, we arrived in the town at  three o’clock in the afternoon. After checking the  Gps and the map, we found the direction to the famous Church ossuary in Sedlets. Since we didn’t had much time to spare, we headed straight ahead.  I had read a lot about the church and how it was decorated with the bones of 40,000 dead people, so I couldn’t wait to see it. From the outside the building looked quite ordinary. In fact, if I have to be honest, I imagined something else – something dark and sinister. I did not feel any negative energy as Vessi claimed to have felt. And although I expected a lot more bones, I can say I was impressed. Towers of human skulls, 3-meter high chandelier containing every bone in the human body, graffiti, also made of bones! This is something you do not see every day – death turned into art! We stayed in the church for over an hour! There were barely any tourists. Funny how some of the most interesting places in Europe remain unnoticed.

Surely we could stay more, but time was pressing us. So we hurried up and headed to the exit of the city in direction to Prague. We checked the train timetable and we knew that the last train was at nine in the evening – this was plan B if no one takes us in his car. We went out of the town, we found a good place for hitch-hiking and waited. They were gone a few minutes when drivers started to give us some signs. One car even stopped, but we could understand the driver. When the drivers started to stop across the road, I thought that we were on the wrong side of the road. However, the GPS insisted that we were on the right place. But no one were stopping to pick us up. Then I saw a sign down the road showing that Prague was just in the opposite direction! We moved to the other side and waited again. The drivers continued to show us some strange signs so we were then totally confused. Nearby there was a gas station, we decided to ask for directions and finally solve the mystery. The boys answered that initially we were on the right side of the road, the GPS was right. We went back to the previous location, wondering how funny we look from the side. For one hour we changed the left side of the road, right side and back. We started to laugh. No matter how we looked, the important thing was that we were having fun. However no one stopped and the sun was going down.  We were just about to go back in the town and then a car stopped.

Fortunately the driver was speaking English and immediately agreed to give us lift to Prague. Vessi sat in the back seat, and I got the chance to sit in front. At the beginning I was worried if I would find an interesting topic to speak with the driver. Actually the first thing I asked him was the place where we were hitch-hiking. He explained to us that we are in fact on the wrong end of the town. “Very few people who drive to Prague go from here. Most prefer to cross the city and leave from the exact opposite end”, he explained to us. “Besides you were standing in the wrong place. If there was heavy traffic, I would not stop because it would have been dangerous. ” he added. And were so sure that it was the right spot for hitch-hikin! Luckily this guy – Marian, a former hitchhiker – was passing by. As a teenager, he had traveled across Europe. “What is the most interesting country you visited?”, I asked him.  He replied: “Mongolia”. Certainly I was not expecting this answer. He also gave us some tips on hitch-hiking. We arrived in Prague safely.We said goodbye and continued our trip. We bought tickets and took the subway for few stop. Exactly at eight o’clock we were at the right place waiting for our host  Matej to show up…


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