Tombs and bones – part IV – Spring in Prague

After a while we arrived in Prague, impatient to meet our host Matej. We waited a little bit on the metro station and soon he appeared – with a big smile on his face.  He asked if we were tired. We haven’t been sleeping a lot the past days, we woke up early, changed three cities, traveled by train and car and walked a lot. At this point I wouldn’t refuse a hot bath and a soft bed, maybe Vesi was thinking the same, but we were in Prague! That’s why we replied that we weren’t tired and we asked him to show us around. We made a quick tour of the central part of the city. Only those first impressions were enough to fall in love with Prague. Even Vesi, who doesn’t like big cities, admitted she was impressed. At night the city comes alive like it is in a fairy tale. In the night the facades of the buildings are illuminated and this beautiful architecture looks even more majestic. And the light from the street lamps looks like flames reflecting in the waters of  Vltava.

We were so captured by the beauty of the city so we didn’t noticed it was 11 o’clock. It was time to head back home – our home tonight was on a student campus, where Matej would host us. The room was the same size as the one I live in Sofia, but in much better condition. He offered us some tea  – the best ending for a perfect day. I took a quick shower and got ready for bed. Vessi and me sat on the bed and looked at each other. What a day! We couldn’t believe how good  this trip was so far. And the best was yet to come!

Prague at daylight was as much beautiful. First we went through the old town to see the famous Astronomical Clock. Ten minutes before the round hour the square was filled with people waiting to see the moving figures. The show lasted not more than a minute or two, but we couldn’t miss it. Then we went to see the Dancing House and I can say – it wasn’t quite as impressive as the pictures. We took a walk on Vltava, and at noon we met Matej . He took us for lunch in the university canteen where they served traditional Czech dishes. We ate onion soup, dumplings with vegetables and pork. With Vesey we had agreement that we would eat everything that was served to us this week. We didn’t want to offend some of our hosts, and this was also great opportunity to try new cuisine. In fact, the dish was quite tasty!

Matej spent the afternoon with us, showing us the tourist sites. We went to the cemetery Vysehrad, where many famous Czech people are buried. He showed us interesting buildings and streets. In the afternoon we went to the castle of Prague. Before we climbed the hill, we passed through a park – the most magical place I’ve been! Blooming magnolias. Statues of Roman gods. Fish pond, white peacocks in the alleys. As if we were in a fairy tale. Unfortunately we had to go to the castle, so we continued our walk. We were soon at the top of the hill. We decided not to go into the castle, but to climb the tower of St. Peter church. Due to the late hour, there were almost no tourists on the top. We spent about an hour enjoying the view. When you find yourself at high place at sunset, then you will know why they call Prague the golden city. We would have liked to stay longer there but working time ended.

We went back to the city with the idea to find the famous Jewish cemetery and synagogue. We wandered around hours across the different streets, but did not find what we were looking for. The next day, it turned out that we were actually in the right place, but we didn’t saw the sign. Around nine, we finally managed to find a nice place to try the famous Czech beer! Well, I don’t know whether it is the best in the world, but certainly the best I’ve tried! We went back home at midnight. I was hardly feeling my legs or anything. I was so tired. But you know – that sweet tiredness that reminds you that you’ve lived every minute of the day, that you are young and full of energy. I live for days like this!

We didn’t want to leave. We fall in love with Prague. With sadness we got on the bus to Vienna. I don’t know about Vesi, but I’m sure I’ll be back there again.

Text by Neli
Photos by Neli


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