Tombs and bones – part V – Royal Vienna

The cheapest transport from Prague to Vienna was by a coach. After checking all bus companies, we got our tickets for 500 crones. There was a cheaper ticket by Student Agency, but they didn’t had any free seats left. We said goodbye to Prague with some sadness and headed to Vienna.

When we arrived in Austria, it was raining. We wantedt to get on the biggest attraction of the city – the Ferris Wheel. But we had to meet our host Sylvia – Vesi’s cousin, so we decided to try the Ferris wheel the next evening. Sylvia hosted us in her student flat. It was small and quite comfortable flat. I would love to live in such a place! We had a good rest, getting ready to expolore Vienna on the next day.

Our first impressions about Vienna were a bit mixed. There were people of all nationalities –  many of them come from the Balkans (Serbia and Romania). The architecture was significantly different from that in the Czech Republic. The image of the city was very different – more modern, more developed city, but also – dirtier, bigger, noisier.

Our first stop was the castle Schönbrunn. We chose the shortest tour – about an hour-  because we didn’t want to spend the day indoors. Actually, what is more impressive during the visit of Schönbrunn, Belvedere and Hafburg palaces  are not the palaces themselves  but their gardens. We spent the afternoon in the zoo walking through a rainforest and glaciers. This is the bogest zoo I’ve ever visited! Vesi finally had the chance to see a giraffe, so we went out happy. In the evening it started raining again and we headed back home.

The next day was planned for a typical tour –  from St. Stephen’s Church to the Hofburg castle. We were also able to visit the crypt where are stored the bodies of Habsburgs. We had tme to check Hundertwasser house – in the modern part of Vienna. We visited all the sights in our list and even had time to drink coffee in Viennese Patisserie (Aida), to eat typical dishes and sausages and to take a ride on the Ferris wheel. We had tree days to see how the Viennese people live. But I didn’t like it. Vienna is probably one of the best cities to study, work or live, but it is missing someting. I just didn’t feel in the right place there. For Austrians themselves, I can’t say a lot, as we were surrounded mostly by tourists and immigrants. Maybe I need more time there to find those small and special places that will change my opinion of the city. Maybe I’ll be back there again …

The flight from Vienna to Sofia is less than an hour – surely not enough time to get back in the reality after a trip like that. While waiting for departuring at the airport, Vesi and me were talking about our plans in the beginning of the trip. And if I have to be honest, a lot of things didn’t happen quite as we expected. But we’ve learned a lot. The plan for our next trip – no plans! No schedules, deadlines and promises. Rule number two – less luggage. Finally – not loosing even for a moment our enthusiasm and adventurous spirit. After this trip, Vesi and me, we both are still addicted to traveling, still madly in love with the road. We spent an amazing week – we had a walk back in the past, experienced different cultures, we were surrounded by skeletons and ghosts, we drank the best beer in Europe and met wonderful people. We get inspired by the beauty of the old continent. We felt really alive …

Text by Neli


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