Far away in North of Bulgaria – part 1 – Road to Hell

The time has come to tell you about my short trip in early September when finally my boyfriend and I managed to take a holiday. My biggest dream is to not have to work on a strict schedule, or even better, to travel for a working. I believe that one day it will happen.
Anyway, we had our backpacks, a tent, GPS (sometimes helps with orientation among the “forest” of signs,  sometimes – not :), we had something like a plan (actually we decided to improvise and to see what will happen) and with a very adventurous spirit we headed for the unknown northern parts of the country.
Koprivshtitsa – Pick Bogdan
Our first destination – Koprivshtitsa and Pick Bogdan. We traveled by train and arrived at 14 o’clock. The main station of the town is quite far from the city. We took a bus to the town for the price of 2 leva because we didn’t have so much time to walk by foot. It was the best choice, because the road was actually dangerous for pedestrians, and there were no cars so hitch-hiking was impossible. I haven’t been in Koprivshtitsa from my childhood, but I had good memories from there. My impressions from the town were again very good –  probably because it was late summer, there were not many tourists and I could feel the peace of the small town – to walk the narrow streets,  to eat traditional dishes under an old pear, to watch the sunset by the river .. . The area around the river is called Park Topolnitsa and it is renovated with new benches, summer-houses and ect. It is very nice!

In the town we visited the bridge of the first shoot, the museum houses of Todor Kableshkov and Nencho Oslekov. Fare for students to visit all the museums in the city is 3 leva, and there is nice map. pointing the location of each house. You should keep in mind that the closing time is 17h., so you should hurry if you want to visit more of them.
The house of the author of the Blood letter is very beautiful, with richly carved ceilings – one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture.

Oslekov house became my favorite as I realized that on the facade are drawn views of Istanbul and Venice – cities where the owner has exported fabrics.

The time has come to climb pick Bogdan. We visited the Information Center for some advice.. They warned us to be careful with sheepdogs, because some foreigner has complained the previous day. The road to the top is arounf 4 hour, but  and Bogdan cabin was burned down years ago. Well, our goal wasn’t to visit the cabin, but a shame that it’s gone. Currently on the site of BTC is running a fundraising campaign for restoration of the cabin, everyone can help.
Now is the time to mention that I felt very tired and I was definitely not in shape. This made the hikin to Bogdan a tortured for me. When I think now, it is not that difficult to hike to the pick, so don’t warry 🙂
We walked upstream the river to the end of the town. There are some orad signs and large information boards that point the road to Reserve Bogdan. In the beginning of this road there are 2 sidewalk fountains . Take some water with you, because there is no other fountain!
The road passes through some fields and abandoned buildings. We didn’t meet anyone on the road. It started to get dark and and we decided to look for a place for the tent when he heard a barking. The next moment the sound of the barking became quite close and we saw 5-6 Shepherds who surrounded us, barking as they was going to attack us any minute now. … It was one of the scariest moments in my life, honestly. I admit, I cried and I was ready to go back. Anyway, we continued walking, however, the dogs moved in a circle around us; and the circle was getting smaller and smaller… We tryed to fight them with sticks, when suddenly their their owner appeared. I guess, that kind of things happen there frequently, so keep it in mind. Soon we saw a small shelter and we decided to pitch our tent.
On the next day we continued to walk. We followed the signs but at some point the markings disappeared. For a while we lost the way and we had to walk throug a field of mud and grass as tall as me. The we decided it was time to go back … We crossed the river and we saw the the burned cabin Bogdan.  The way to the top reveals a beautiful view to Stara Planina (Old Mountain).  We finally reached the top!

It was quite difficult, I can admit!  The weather was really hot, no clouds on the sky, and we had no water!
Anyway, I am very happy that after Vihren, Musala and Botev, I climbed Bogdan!:)
When we returned to the town, we decided to go north as we planned – to take the train to Karlovo, to sleep there and then to take the bus to Lovech on the next morning. So we did. We arrived in Karlove very late at the evening and we rent a room in a hotel for a reasonable price.
Text by Vesi

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