Far away in North of Bulgaria – part 2 – Magical cave

Lovech – Krushuna waterfalls – Devetashka Cave
We arrived in Lovech after 3 hour drive through the beautiful pass Troyan-Karnare. I found information on the internet that there are several bus to Krushuna village, but it turned ot there was only one left at  14h. So we had two hours and a half to visit  Lovech before to head to the famous waterfalls Krushuna.
The main street wasn’t anything special – old Soviet buildings. It somehow reminded me of the center of Blagoevgrad. If you continue walking, soon you will see the famous covered bridge designed by Kolyo Ficheto. Too bad it is not the original one (it was destroyed in a fire in 1925).  Inside there are several souvenir shops and small cafes with a nice view to the river. The old naigbourhood Varosha is very beautiful too. We did not have time to go into the Ethnographic Museum and in Lovech medieval fortress, so I will have to visit Lovech again.

In 14 hours we left for Krushuna waterfalls. When you arrive, you will see a sign, pointing to an eco-trail. The waterfall is not faraway. If you decide to go there, I will advise you not to go on holidays. When we were there, it was holiday and there were crowd, loud music and food. It was awful, I didn’t have the chance to relax and admire the beautiful view. Moreover waterfalls themselves are not anything special eventhough the color of the water is amazing. I guess, it will be better to go there in the spring or in the winter.

If you continue to the trail. it will lead you to a cave. You can visit it if you have reservation in advance. I would try it next time. To go into the water is prohibited, and weel, you can accuse me of breaking the rules. I decided that I don’t hurt the nature and I couldn’t resist to be more close to it so I went in the water and it was great! Due to the high content of lime in the water, that gives its pale blue color, almost nothing grows there, the rocks are covered with duckweed, but they are not slippery.

The next stop was Devetashka cave. So, in the late afternoon we headed to the cave, which is at about 10 km from vodopadie. We started walking, hoping that someone will drive us… For some reason there were not a lot of cars going this direction. We walked a lot, we passed through two villages where we asked for shorter path. It began to get dark, when we had about 2 km left to walk.  Then some nice old guy picked us up. He told us how after Krushuna waterfalls were shown in Slavi’s show, their popularity grew rapidly. Before it was very peaceful, he said. He told us that during the filming of The Expendables 2, a stone bridge were built. You know, there was a big problem at that tham, because a lot of people were concerned that the filming will damage the cave. Multiple colony of bats live and breed in the cave, and during the breeding season from June to July, the cave is completely closed to visitors. The man also mentioned that there is a guard and probably he wont let us in because of the late hour. There was a guard in fron of the cave indeed, but he was very nice and let us in. And it was like a fairy tale! It was almost dark, there was no one around but us, bats flitting over our heads, the sound of the river, the wind was blowing … it was so beautiful!

The guard showed us where to pitch the tent. In the morning we woke up early and went back to the cave. At dawn, it was even more beautiful! The cave there is a small stream. The guard said he drank the water and  itwas good so we tried it immediately. I really love drinking right from the stream. Unfortunately, this is often dangerous. I would not try if I didn’t know that other people have tried and had no problems. We asked for advice on how we can get to the next stop – Veliko Tarnovo. I left the cave with the hope that this magical place will remain as natural and beautiful as I saw it.  I hope that the release of the film wont make it too popular touristic destination.

… to be continued…

Text by Vesi


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