Far away in North of Bulgaria – part 3 – Unexpected journey

Hotishki Waterfall – Dryanovo – Veliko Tarnovo

Near Veliko Tarnovo there is the village of Hotnitsa and the Hotishki waterfall. We decided to visit it, but there was no direct transport . We decided to take the train to Samovodene and from there to take a bus to Hotnitsa. Unfortunately, there was no bust, so we decided to walk 5 km to villiage of Hotnitsa and then 1.5 kilometers to the waterfall. No one stopped to pick us up, so we walked the whole way. It totally worthed! Hotnitsa Waterfalls took my breath away!

The sunlight reflecting in the pale blue water, birds singing, ineteresting trees an the watter going down on the rocks … A unique place! One of my favorites! At sone point an elderly English couple came, they had a house in the village. They went fo a swimming in the lake, although it was prohibited. I wanted to try it too, but I can’t not swim …

The Hotnishi eco-trail starts on the left of the waterfall.It takes one hour to go trhough it, although it is so beautiful that you can spend the whole day there 🙂 There are little bridges,  small cascades and lakes … Remember to be careful while passing the bridges – some steps are misisng or broken. It was terrible to see so much rubbish around the waterfall! I do not know someone has the hearts to throw a rubbish at such a beautiful place. The boy who worked there assured us that the Municipality had hired someone to clean the area, but I guess, he wasn’t doing such a good job. Anyway, the place is really amzing and we decided to pitch out tent on fron of the waterfall.  We spend the hing there listening to the sound of the water.

The next morning we headed to Veliko Tarnovo.  I felt sick so went to the nearest pharmacy, where I was explained that I caught a local virus. They gave me medication and told me to have a good rest. But hoow can I have a rest when I wanted to have an adventure! Soon, however, I realised that I can’t go anywere, so I stayed the whole day and night at some nice room in a little hotel. In the next morning I felt better, so we wen sightseein. I was fascinated by the old part of the city, its like going back in the past.

We also visited Tsarevets fortress. The entrance fee for students is 2 lev and for adults – 6 lev. The  tour doesn’t take long time, but there is no shade, so you won’t like to go there in hot summer day. Don’t miss to visit the church – it is painted fro inside in a very strange way, not very tipical for the time when it was built, I think.

We were pleasantly surprised by the visit in the Prison museum – the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. It looks really authentic and it gives a good idea of the prison life at that time. It is very small – 5 or 6 chambers. You can see also the tunnel dyg by Totyu in his attempt to escape.
We spontaneously decided to go to Dobrich, but when we went to the station it turned out there are no more free seats in the bus. Then we decided to go to Dryanovo and after 40 to 50 minutes we were in the city of Kolyo Ficheto. It was very nice town, where we visited the church and the bridge built by Kolyo Ficheto.

Then we headed to the Dryanovo monastery and the Bacho Kiro cave. The distance is about 5 km but we found a short way through the fields. We arrived at the monastery arrived after dark and it was time to pitch the tents, but we faced a serious problem – there was no suitable pace for that! The whole flat area was built – restaurants, hotels, lodge, camping. We decided to pitch the tent in the campin place for 3 lev per person. The next day we visited the monastery and the cave. Dryanovskoyat monastery played an important role during the April Uprising. I knew then it was restored in 1877 and in the walls you can still see bullet holes.

We took the path behind the monastery and we reached the cave.  There are found traces of human activity and taskeleton of a cave bear that is 3 meters long. The cave has two routes – short and long. You can access the short rout without a guide, and entrance fee is 2 lev for adults and students. For the longest route you must enter with a  group of 15 people, and the ticket costs 4lv. All walls in the cave are covered with coins – according to legend, if you want something and you manage to stick a coin on the wall, your wish will come true. In front of the cave there is ahouse where you can see the jaw of the cave bear, the rest of it is in a museum in Britain.

Varna – Shabla – Kranevo
We went  back to Veliko Tarnovo and we decided to hitch-hike to Varna. Around 18.00 a car stopped but the guy was traveling for Provadia, so he left us not exactly in the city. We were planning to pitch our tent close to the road, but then another car stopped. It turned out to be really nice guy who has travelled all around Europe. He was with his mother who was proud of her son’s adventures. We were planning to sleeping on the beach in Varna, but according to our new friend that’s dangerous and he was kind enough to take us to a small beach near the town. We pitched out tent really close to the water, so I was afraid I can wake up in the middle of the sea. Everything turned fine though.

In the morning we went back in Varna, but we decided to skip the sightseeing because we’ve been already there. Instead of this, we took the bus to Shabla . The weather was cold and windy and we decided to go to the lighthouse, which was situated in about 5 km. We had the intention to walk, but some really friendly girl who was going in the same direction, offered to give us a drive. This is the oldest lighthouse on the Bulgarian coast.  Unfortunately it is not allowed to enter inside. We had a walk and went back away, I wanted to go and Shabla lake, but again I was feeling sick and we decided to go back to Plovdiv.

On the station, however, I felt better and we changed the plan once again. We took a bus to Kranevo – town near Varna. There is really nice beach and it is cheap. We rent a room and stayed there for the night.  On the next eveing we took the night train to Plovdiv and we woke up at home.

Here how our summer adventure ended! We found wonderful places and despite the heat, dthe virus and the fatigue, we had so much  fun 🙂

Text by Vesi


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