Love and Wine – part 1 – Sneak peek

So, the time has come to tell you about our second big trip abroad. It happened at the end of January when Vesi and me did a little tour of North Italy. The idea was born when I found out that a close friend of mine was going to study in Turin, so here was a chance to visit her and see the city. Vesi’s long-term dream was to visit Turin (you will find out why later), so she decided to join me. Meanwhile, we decided that just visitng Turin is not enough, so why not including other cities in the plan. So finally, we had the ambitous plan of visitng a new city every day.

The itinerary :

  • Milano – Genova – Cinque Terre – Torino – Como – Milano – Bergamo + Lovere
  • In total ~ 3200 km, Costs ~ 200 euro
  • Dates: 18 Jan – 25 Jan


Actually the most of the money we spend for plane/train tickets. We bought  cheap Wizz Air tickets to Bergamo airport. My ticket cost 40 euro, Vesi bougth her ticket two days later and it cost 20 euro, go figure! We were traveling only with small hand laguage of course. In Italy itself we were traveling mainly by train. We checked the train tickets here and we saw that there all kind of train tickets – you can go from Milano to Genova for 11 euro, for 18 or even 25 euro. The cheapest tickets were usally around 7-8 am, so we were determined to go up every morining. We had very busy program anyway, so it wasn’t a problem.

557785_10200771942446901_2063300529_nIt was surprisingly easy to find couchsurfing hosts this time. We already had amazing CS experience in Prague, so we decided to try it again. This time we were brave enought to try it for the whole week. More about them in the next articles.

This time I was traveling with even smaller back pack – 20x30x40. We took less laguagge as possible.

Cash + documents
First Aid Kit
Notebook and pen + printed card
One (!) pair of clothes + pajamas
Socks and underwear
Cosmetics (toothpaste, shampoo, hair-comb, etc.. )
Mobile phone + charger
Camera + Charger
Gifts for our hosts

Have I ever mantioned that on every trip I always carry few safety pins, they can come in handy.

So, we were ready to go. More about our trip and our first destination Genova in the next article.

…to be continued…

Text by Neli


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