Love and Wine – part 2 – Decayed glory of Genova

100_5677Okay, we were ready to go for our trip in Italy. Due to our busy scedule in January thought, we didn’t had the time to read much about the cities that we were going to visit. So, the night before our flight, Vesi and me did a quick research on Wikitravel. We opened the page about Genova and started to read. It was unbelievable, we were in my tiny little room in Sofia and on the next evening we were going to be in one of the olddest and most glorious cities in Italy!

We woke up at 4 to take the plane at 7, and around 8 am we were already in Bergamo airport. Unforutnately there were heavy traffic jam between Bergamo and Milano, so we missed the train at 9am. The next one was at 11 am and it cost 8 euro more, but we didn’t had any other option. Finally we got on the train – it takes around 1.30h to go from Milano to Genova by train. So in 12.30 am we arrived on the main train station were we met with our friend IMGP0038Mila who came from Torino with the morning train. We went out of the train station building and the first thing we saw were a monument of Cristoforo Colombo surrounded by big palm trees and decayed facades of once glorious buildings. I can’t even try to explain what I felt then. I guess it wont be a lie if I say that I fall in love from first sight.

The beauty of Genova can’t be discribed. This centuries-old city combines traditional and modern architecture, luxury and poorness and it is home of explorers, artists, tradesmen, sailors and people from all around the world. It is noisy, it is dirty and at the same time it is splendid. Later we’ve heard our host to say : “Genova is perfect in its imperfection.” And he was right.

IMGP0044We’ve spend the whole afternoon trying to get to The Lanterna – the oldest European lighthouse and a symbol of Genova. It took us longer than we expected but we had the chance to really experience the city. We had a long walk on the seaside passing by big ugly warehouses, luxurious yachts, and cruises, ferries and old cargo ships. When we finally get there the sun was going down. This time couldn’t be more perfect. On one side there were wooded rolling hills and Mediterranean-looking houses lit up by the last sunbeams, and on the other – the old dock, the deep blue sea and the sunset. The most orange sunset I have ever seen! We sat on a bench to enjoy the view just for few IMGP0072minutes before to head back. In this exact moment I couldn’t think of anything else than how magical this city was. I couldn’t imagine how many lost souls tryed to find their home here – sailors, inventors, people looking for fortune, love or happiness. How many people met their destiny here.

In my memory I will always see Genova as an old courtesan – tired, she had been through a lot, yet you can still see the beauty of her face reminding of her glorious past years. She has been loved and hated, she smiles with sadness, but in her eyes you wont see regrets. And in her arms she has comforted and still comforts many hearts in need of rescue.

… to be continued…

Text: Neli


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