Love and wine – part 4 – Torino in black and white

560260_10200770091440627_208843685_nDays 3 and 4 of our trip, we’ve spend in Torino. Because of Vesi, I’ve always connected this city with football club Juventus. Ten years now she is a big Juve fan and it was a dream of hers to visit Juve’s stadium. Since I am big football fan myself, we even planned to attend a game between Juventus and Udinese. Unfortunately they’ve changed the date of the game and at that time we were in Genova, not in Torino. Anyway, Vesi had the chance to visit the museum of the stadium and she was really happy about it. But I will let her to tell you more about it.

Other must-see museum  in Torino is the Museum of cinema. It is five floors museum, well arranged and well organized. The tickets cost 9 euro, but it totally worth.  I love football, but I love cinema more, so I was on the Seventh heaven in there.  There you can see all kind of cinematic devices, costumes, posters, videos and etc.

482907_10200612191373224_1449395644_nThe first day of our arrival we took a quick tour of the city without even knowing how many mysteries it was hiding. In Torino we were hosted by lovely couple of travelers and they shared with us many interesting stories , including some city legends. It turned out that Torino is known to be place of both black and white magic, here’s why, there are many legends about secret societies, hidden symbols on the facades of the buildings or magical fountains. We were fascinated by all stories that our host shared with us, so on the next day we went for a magical tour of the city. One of the stories that impressed is the most was about church St. Lorenzo.The architect did quite good job designing the insides of the church and when the pope came to see it, at the beginning he was really happy, but then when he looked to the dome of the church, he said: How dare you, to depict the face of the devil! And indeed, if you look up, you will see the windows and the arches to form the face of the devil.

395409_10200612217493877_62633219_nOther famous church in Torino is The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist where they keep the Shroud of Turin, which is stored in a vault below the Duomo. Unfortunately it was not allowed for the tourist to see it. It is only displayed by papal decre on special occasions and I guess, our visit wasn’t one of them.

552486_10200612244214545_1112522970_nTorino is famous for the production of the finest chocolate in Italy.We couldn’t miss the chance to try it, and I can tell you, it tasted like piece of heaven. However, there was something even more delicious that we’ve tried in Torino – their traditional drink Bicerin. It is mix of coffee, hot chocolate and cream. We had one of these in the oldest coffee shop in the city. It is 250 years old and it is quite famous because  Dumas, Nietzsche and Puccini had their drinks there.

Here’s how we’ve spend two days exploring  the different sides of Torino and for sure this is one of these cities that have many faces…

…to be continued…

Text by Neli


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