Love and Wine – part 5 – Sky of blue

534995_10200771949167069_311612816_nDay 5 of out trip we’ve spend at lake Como. We took the early morning train to Como and around 10 am we arrived in the town. Lake Como  is the third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe. It is well known for the attractive villas that have been built there since Roman times. And becuase of its beauty lot of celebrities from all arounf the world spend there their free time. George Clooney himself has a villa there so we were secrtely hoping to meet him somewhere.


Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, but I promised myself to buy a villa there, so then I may have the chance to drink my morning coffee at the shore of the lake with him.

The city of Como is famous for its long history and cultutal sights. The most famous and impressive one is the Como Cathedral built with marble in a Rococo style.  The historic centre of Como is between the medieval walls and is easy to explore on foot. We had a quick tour around the norrow streets and we sat in a nice familly restaurant for a lunch. Once again I can say that I love italian food!


Como is  the birthplace of  the physicist Alessandro Volta and main attraction in the town is Tempio Voltiano quite beautiful building that houses a modest museum dedicated to him. It was Volta who invented the battery in 1800, whereupon the scientific community adopted his name for electrical units.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take a boat trip but we took a long walk along the Waterfront. Como has a really nice walkway along the water that passes by several beautiful villas and houses. We were lucky and for a first time since the begining of our trip it was sunny. Some old couple sitting on a bench was enjoying the view to the lake, while the sunbeams were reflecting in the water making it shine as if milion stars were dancing on the surface…

20197_10200611843924538_652375880_nIt was late afternoon already and the sun was going to set soon. Since we had some more time untill the departure of our train, we took a wall to the opposite shore of the lake.

The nigh was falling gently over the town and one by one lights started to shine in the windows of the little houses on the hills around.

I imagine myself living in one of this houses, returning home after day of work, having hot cup of tea in front of the fireplace. Can I really live in a small town like this one, even if it is one of the most femous resorts in Italy?


So, it was time to take the trian to Milano where we were going to meet our host for the next to night anf to have a night walk of the fashion capital of Italy. More about Milano in the next publication!

… to be continued…

Text by Neli


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