What does it mean to be good?

homeless-signsFew days ago I shared this story with you. I actually read it in Bulgarian website and it turned out that I wasn’t the only one. For the passed  couple of days this story circled the net and became quite popular. Some coffie shops and stores offer now the service “pinned” coffee or “pinned” bred and lot of people joined the initiative. Meanwhile some other people spoke agains it, joking with it and claiming its stupid. The strongest argument they use is that a lot of people in Bulgaria lives on the brink of the poverty and free cup of coffee or free bread wont do them any good. I am used to see that kind fo reactions a lot. Its common thing in Bulgaria to criticize. Maybe its like that everywhere, I don’t know. It seems like everyone has an opinion on everything. And while there is nothing wrong to have an opinion, then judging is something I really hate. These days it seems that you cant to anything or be anything without being judged by your boss, your parents, even your friends, and by the society. I wouldnt even mention it if I didn’t really believe that it’s wrong. One of the reasons  to choose the name Open World for our blog was because we would like to live in the world where people are really open-minded. And for us to be open-minded doesn’t simply mean to be receptive to new and different ideas. It means to accept that there all kinds of people in the world and to respect their desicion to do or not to do somehting, even thought it may be wrong or foolish according to your believes, to respect their desicions to be or not to be something whithout judging them. To try to understand their actions before accusing them in something. Because people are comlicated indeed. Unfortunately, we often fail to do that. I often fail to do it too, but at least I’m trying to step in someone’s shoes before to judge them. Well, its hard to understand the situation if you haven’t been in the same position, but it worth trying. Judging is easy, and it is also useless.

There is a video I want to share with you. Its not about goodness. Its about understanding.


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