Love and Wine – part 6 – Fashion and Art

IMGP0036Finaly it was Milano’s turn to be explored. Neither one of us have been there yet, but somehow we both had an opinion on it. Since the beginning of our trip, Vesi was trying to convence me that Milano was boring industrial city and there was nothing interesting to see. Me, on the other hand, I had special feelings for this city. My childhood dream was to become a fashion designer and since Milano is known to be the fashion capital of Europe, I’ve always seen it as this glamourous city of eccentric artists, beautiful models and celebrities. Unfortunately I coulnd’t attend a fashion show or to be spotted by famous photographer and then to appear on the cover of Vogue, but I had nice experience in Milano. Actually, it was completly new experience for me. I love Rome because its centuries-old grandeur, I love Venice because its unique beauty, I love Genova and Cinque terre, becase their typical mediterranean look and warm atmosphere. Milano is nothing like that. Its rather grey than colorful, its big industiral city, its big industrial city of bankers, businessmen, lawyers and  tradesmen. Yet, it has its charm. It has the typical italian beauty and yet, there the time hasn’t stopped as it seems to be in other italian cities.


Milano is constantly changing, growing, developping. Sometimes it can look hostil for the outsiders, but the truth is that Milano can offer a lot if you give it a chance. Even the strangest characters can find their place there

If I have to be honest, thought, Milano is not very tourists friendly city. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to find information center and the info we’ve got there was insufficient. Anyway, we had a nice walk around the city center. For sure, the most impressive building was The Duomo of Milano. After all, it is the fifth largest in the world. 


On the photos that Ive seen on internet, it has always seemed white, so I was surprised to see that its actually pink. It is really beautiful cathedral even though the interior is not that impressive. It is the exact opposite with the building of La Scala. If I was rude enought, I would say that the exterior is quite ugly. Well, I guess what worth seeng is inside.

IMGP0025To feel the daily life of the citizens of Milano we did a shopping tour, of course. Fortunately we had money and laguage limitaiton, so we couldn’t spend a fortune on brandy cloths. We didn’t had enought time to visit museums, but something we couldn’t miss – Leonardo’s Last supper. I had read on internet that you have to book a entrence ticket at least a month before to visit Milano, they told us the same thing in the information centre too. Well, we were stupid enought not to listen, so we went to the church without reservation. It turned out that some visitors canceled their reservation and they allowed us to see it. I love art and I really appreciate it when I have the chance to stand in front of art work so famous as this one. There are a lot of paintings and scluptures that I lake, but there was just one piece of art who had really a powerful inpact on me – the Sistine Chapel. Now for a second time I could feel the great genius of the Renaissance artists. So, if you go in Milano, don’t miss the chance to see Leonardo’s Last Supper!

At the end, I can only say that Milano is more that you can see from a first sight. I am looking forward to go there again.


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