Love and Wine – part 7 – Unexpected beauty

IMGP0026So, it was the last day of our trip. We were going to take a flight to Sofia from Bergamo Airport early in the morning, so we decided to spend one night in Bergamo, just to be safe, and on top of that we could take a tour of the city, so why not. Usually people miss to visit it and hurry right to Milano, but we’ve heard it is really nice little city. Actually, its not that little, its big enough. It is situated on two levels: lower city (the modern city) and upper city ( the old town).

IMGP0037We hurried up to the old town. Its closed between the old city walls and it has kept its medieval look. The heart of the old town is Piazza Vecchia – nice square with beautiful white marble fountain in the centre. Really impressive is the church of Santa Maria Maggiore – the most important building in the city. Actually, the old town is quite magical place. WIth its little narrow streets and quite park spaces, it is fine expample of italian beauty.

IMGP0041From the upper town we took a ride with the funiculare to San Vigilio – a small hilltop village. There you can enjoy a walk in the ruins of an old castle, or just admire the view. That’s what we did. The view form the top is more than spectacular, its breath-taking!

Walking around the city, Vesi came up with the idea to visit Lovere. Its small mountain city famous as one of the most beautiful village in Italy. It is situated on Lake Iseo, in the province of Bergamo. We had the whole afternoon, so we decided to take a bus and visit it. It took around 1 hour to get there, although, its just 30km far away from Bergamo. Anyway, the moment we got off the bus, we knew we made the right choce. The beauty of Lovere is undeniable. The town faces IMGP0079the lake, and in the background we could see the mountain tops covered in snow. We visited the church Santa Maria in Valvendra – it may look plain form outside, but go in and enjoy magnificent interior. We also took a walk on the shore of the lake, however, it was getting late and very cold, so we took tha bus back to Bergamo to meet our host for the night. Later in the evening he cooked for us the most traditional dish for Bergamo region – polenta. I will give you an recipe in one of my following publications. He also took us for a night walk in the old town. From the top you can see whole Bergamo illuminated by hundreds of house lights. In this moment I was sure that Bergamo worht it visitng, even more, I sincerly recommend it for everyone who wants to discover unexpected beauty…

Text by Neli

…to be continued…


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