Love and Wine – part 8 – Lost forever


You may have the universe if I may have Italy
Giuseppe Verdi

So, here it is the last part of our “Love and Wine” road tale. Let me remind you some statistics:

7 days, 7 destionations, 3 friends

In total ~ 3200 km, Costs ~ 200 euro

You can find detailed information about our travels in the following publications.

At the end, thought, neither numbers nor words can describe what we have experienced. I fell in love with Italy since the first time I visiti it, and now, years later, with each new trip Im falling in love even deeper. Not even arrived back in Sofia yet, and Vesi and me were already planning another trip in Italy. Once lost in its beauty, its hard to stay away for a long time and we knew that the love story between us and Italy is not over yet. When someone ask me what is it that I love so much about it, I usually say : its culture, monuments, museums and art, the food, the language. Even though all of this is true, there is something else in Italy that makes it so special to me. Something that is a mystery even for me. In Italy it seems like sun is shinning brigter, the grass is greener, the water is deeper. And life, life is sweeter…


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