Devil’s Bridge

IMG_8870Lately Vesi and me, we have very busy scheduales and its not easy to match our free time, but here it was a free weekend.  So, we decided not to miss the chane to spend one day in the mountains. Our travel-buddy Aylin came up with the idea to visit Devil’s Bridge and we agreed immediately. Its in our travel-list for a long time, so there was no room for second thought. Another friend offered his services as a driver, so we were ready to go.

IMGP0022Devil’s Bridge is a stone bridge in Rodopi mountain. Its 10 km away from village Ardino and to get to it you have to walk 7 km path. Well, you can drive but you need one of these off-road cars or you risk breaking your vehicle. We didn’t mind walking, actually we were happy to get the chance to spend the day in Rodopi mountain in the spring. In Bulgaria in April the wather is changing every minute, however, its usually around 15 degrees during the day. The trees bloom and everything is green.We enjoyed walking, talking and taking photos. Around one and half hour later we arrived. We spotted the bridge from distance and I can tell you, in reality its even more impressive! Its 52 m long and 400m high. Its build in XVI century and it hasn’t been in reconstruction since then. Its mystery IMGP0056how it has been build and there is even a legend that says that the devil himself helped the builder. They say that you can see the face of the devil in the water. The prefect time to meet the devil is between 11 and 12 o’clock and since we were there in the early afternoon, we’ve miss this opportunity and now we have to make another appointment with him. Anyway, the place is magical. Both Vesi and me, we felt strange energy. Usually people say its negative energy, we can argue about that though. Its a place far away from the civilisation so we felt really connected to the nature.

IMG_8956And as I told you, during the spring the time is changing suddenly. In one moment it was sunny, then in the next grey clouds appeared on the sky, suddently it started to rain and then two minutes later a hailstorm begun. We found a shelter only after the storm was passing. During the whole way back it was raining and we were wet to the skin. As you know, I dont mind walking in the rain. I think that its just another way of the nature to greet us, so we greeted it back with smile:)

Text by Neli


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