Eagle’s Nest

544054_10201155025343734_1227077250_nIn the end of March Vesi and me decided that we need a day away in the mountains. There was this nice place that we wanted to visit for a long time – Lakatnik rocks – so we decided why not now.

Lakatnik rocks are situated in north of the capital city Sofia, in Old Mountain (in Bulgarian: Stara Planina), its 1 hour ride with the train. We took it from Sofia Central station in 10 o’clock and around 11 o’clock we were there, ready to hike to the top of the rocks. 71430_10201155015983500_1021521369_nA lot of mountaineers come here to climb the rock with special equipments. The most attractive part of the rock is this little house called Eagle’s nest. The only way to reach it is by climbing the rock. Since Vesi and me didn’t have the needed skills for that, we took the regular path to the top of the rock. At the end of March the trees didn’t come into leaves, but the nature was beautiful anyway. River Iskar passes here and forms beautiful landscape.

68500_10201155030783870_1786550547_nIt took around 1 hour to go to the top where there was old communist monument. It was quite windy, so if you decide to go, better be in the spring. April, when the trees are blooming, is the best month to do so. We had a lunch, home made sandwiches, and enjoyed the first sunbeams of the spring. We had a plan to visit a cave in this area – Temna dupka cave. We’ve spend half an hour trying to find it when it turned out that we’ve passed close by it on our way up. Eventually we found it, but we didn’t had any guide or equipment, so we decided not to go deep inside. Actually, its one of the longest caves in Bulgaria, there are a lot of branches, underground lakes and a river and it could be dangerous if you don’t know the place. We decided to play safe this time and to came back another time with someone who can show us the inside of the cave. And that’s for sure, becuase we loved the place. We definately want to came back, when the weather is better and the grace is greener:)

Text by Neli


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