Vazov’s Path

I479866_10201319628578712_232075603_nn the weekend Vesi and me, and our best travel buddy Aylin headed for a new adventure – following Vasov’s steps in Old mountain.

Ivan Vazov is Bulgaria’s most famous and beloved writer and poet. One of his most recognised stories is “Дядо Йоцо гледа”. He was inspired to write it when he walked the same path in the mountain that we were going to walk. The place is situated in 50km from Sofia, in Vratsa area. We took the train and after 1 hour we arrived in the little vilage Bov, then we took the path up in the mountain. It takes approximately 1.30 to hike to the top. The 941561_10201319655619388_290247763_npath goes through a forest and the rocks, and pass by the amazing waterfall “Skaklia”. Its 85m high and its one of the most beautiful waterfalls Ive ever seen! The best time to visit is during the spring, so we were at the right place in the right time. The best thing about the waterfall is that you can stand right under it and feel the water falling on your face. Yeah, call me crazy but its awesome! 😀

The view from the top is also spectacular. I can understand why Ivan Vazov felt inspired! The beauty of my beloved Bulgaria inspires me too!

Text by Neli


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