100 TO DO List – №31

601026_10201391021643494_528356400_nWhat is the best birthday gift that someone ever gave you? I think I have the best friends ever, because I can’t think of just one. Surely I will always remember my 18th birthday gift from my aunt who arrange for me to meet a famous shaman, or my 20th birthday gift from my parents who took me to see the Great Pyramids of Giza. Even when I am not in mood for celebrating, my friends find a way to make my day special. I am known to hate surprises, however, this fact doesn’t stop them to prepare some surprises for me now and then.

945447_10201391024923576_447203932_nSo guess what happended on my birthday this year? Vesi and Aylin, my closest friends and travel soulmates, gave me as a present a bunji jump! I have it on my 100 TO DO List for a while, but I didn’t think I can actually do it. I have fear of high, I can’t even stand straight on a kitchen chair and they wanted me to jump from 60 metres high bridge! Well, as it was birthday present it would have been bad luck to say “no”, right? So I agreed to do it, even though I wasn’t sure if I will have enough courage when the moment arrive. They wanted to join me, of course, so it was a little bit hard to find a day when we all are free, but we finally did. Last week we went to Varna for the jump. Its a famous seaside city, more than 300 from Plovdiv. It took us the whole night to arrive – 7.30h train ride. Finally we arrived in sunny Varna with the only tought for a morning coffee. Our bungee jump hour was in the afternoon, so we had few hours to kill. We had a quick tour of the city center and then we headed for the beach. Who can imagine that at the begining of May, in 10 in the morning, it will be sunny enought to get burn on the sun!


Anyway, with any minute passing, I was getting more and more nervous. Could I really jump from the bridge? So the moment arrived, we were standing on the bridge waiting for our turn to jump. I was terrified! I was more than terrified! I promised to jump and the girls were there to support me, so I had to do it. I climbed on the rail of the bridge and I looked down, I amost had an heart-attack. Then looked at the girls and said “I can’t do it, I just can’t”. And they looked back at me and said “Yes, you can!”. Then I realised what’t the best birthday gift – the support of the ones you love. The fact that my friends came with me to share this moment, that they are always there when I need them – that’s the best birthday gift ever!

And I looked down again, closed my eyes and jumped.


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