Istanbul – part 4 – Crossroads

PicMonkey Collage1One of the things you should do while in Istanbul, it is to try fish sandwich from one of the mobile kiosks along the Bosphorus. Indeed , try as much as possible from the Turkish food. Turkish cuisine is diverse, colorful and spicy. And very tasty . Dont forget to try Turkish sweets – baklava, Turkish delight and sweets.

IMGP0067The best place to have a cup of tea is coffee Galata . The restaurant is located on the top floor of the few-storeyed building near the Galata Tower. Many tourists leave it behind, rushing to climb the tower, from where to take a quick look at Istanbul. Most of them do not know that the restaurant is located on the roof, where can sit and enjoy the beauty of Istanbul. From there you can enjoy a spectacular views to the Golden Horn and the old part of town. The minarets of the mosques rise high into the air, the seagulls rest lazily on the chimneys or the roofs of the nearby houses .

IMGP0060Maybe the best way to discover Istanbul is to cross it several times. Get our of the tourists zones. At first, this idea will seem scary. The truth is that Istanbul can be quite hostile. Once one friend told me, ” Ever since I came to live here, I changed a lot. To survive in Istanbul, you need a thick skin, you should be more cunning , more tough. ” And he was right. Home to millions of people from different cultures and religions, the city offers many, but expect a lot. In Istanbul you can find everything, you can try everything, you can be everything and nothing. Beautiful residential neighborhoods change into industrial zones, rich houses – into poverty. The western architecture style brings the spirit of the Orient – low rectangular buildings in pastel colors. Elsewhere glossy branded stores make you feel like shopping on the Champs -e- Lysee. IMGP0095But one wrong turn and you could find yourself in a deserted gray area where the usual landscape consists of dilapidated buildings and scattered in the ground rubbish. Modern highways and wide boulevards cross the city, elsewhere the streets are so narrow that only one person can passe. The traffic is terrible – pedestrians are crossing on red light, the drivers dont care about the road signs. It is remarkable how one city where there are still conservative norms can be so messy. Actually , I’m not sure if the one excludes the other. I’m not sure I understand the Turkish culture. There is such a huge difference in class, religious identity and moral values ​​of individuals, so it is difficult to give a simple answer to what is the typical Turk. I do not know if this apply only to Istanbul or not. For this city they say it is torn between East and West, but this definition is not so much about the geographical location of the city as the way of life and thinking of its inhabitants. You will meet radical Muslims, and others who don’t care about religion. You’ll be surprised how much hypocrisy there is in the imposition of certain norms, and how needed are others. In one world, Istanbul is a city of diversity. A city with many faces.


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