What does traveling mean to me

IMG_20140603_1628222So, few weeks ago Ivе got nominated for the Leibster Award. It took mе by surprise, cause, first, I had no idea what is it, and second, I was sure no one read my blog. However, I checked it, and decided that it is a good idea to join this little, lets call it, game. I have spend the last year traveling and I had zero time to write, so I think it is about time to move this brain of mind and deserve beeing nominated. Here’s why, I think answering Sarah’s question will be a good warm up. Thank you, Sara, for nominating me, and I promise I will try to write a bit more often from now on.

IMG_20140608_081008As Sarah wrote in her publication, there just few simple rules: thank the blogger who nominated you, answer their questions, nominate 10 other travel bloggers who have less than 600 followers and ask them 10 questions.

So, lets get started!

1. Who or what inspired you to travel?
– As everyone bitten by the travel bug, I get inspired easyly. Just moment after I see a beautiful travel photo in facebook, I start planning a trip. However, the thing that ispires me the most is my travel-buddy Vesi. Some of my best trips we made together.
2. Share one place you’ve visited that has changed you in some way.
– Well, walking El Camino de Santiago was for sure an experience I will never forget!
3. Describe your travel philosophy in 3 words.
– Freedom over security
4. Do you prefer beach or mountain? Why?
– Mountain. I hate the sun, the heat, and the sand in my bikini.
5. When you feel it’s time to plant roots for good, where will it be?
– I am still searching for the One… the one place where I will feel home, I mean…
6. What is your favorite comfort food and have you been able to find it while traveling?
– Chocolate? Thanks God, I can find it everywhere…
7. Do you prefer fun in the city or quiet in the country?
– Depends on my mood, I guess.
8. What has been your biggest challenge in life?
– Acieve an inner peace.
9. Have you made plans for your next travel destination? Where are you headed?
– Actually, I have just bought a plane ticket today. I am going in Denmark.
10. What is one piece of advice you wish someone had told you earlier on in life?
– There is a famous Mark Twain quote : “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” So, if I could turn back time, I would have said “yes” to a many things to which  I have said “no”. However, I am not that old yet, it is not to late to make every moment count from now on.


I have tried to find 10 bloggers who have less than 600 followers (or maybe they do?) and who haven’t been nominated yet (or maybe they did?), but if I made mistake or if you don’t feel like participating, you can just ignore my nomination 😀

And here are my questions:

  1. – A place/experience you will never forget?
  2. – The most dangerous situation you have ever been?
  3. – A place you have aways wanted to visit but haven’t had the chance so far?
  4. – The thing you miss the most when you are on the road?
  5. – The stupiest thing you have ever done while traveling?
  6. – Your favourite travel book, travel movie and travel song?
  7. – Travel quote that ispires you?
  8. – The most annoying question your friends ask after you’ve got back from a trip?
  9. – Who was the most interesting person you met on the road?
  10. – What kind of souvenirs you buy to remmember your trip?

Don’t forget to let me know whenever (or if) you’ve answered to my questions by leaving a link in the comments below:)


2 thoughts on “What does traveling mean to me

  1. Great responses Neli! “Freedom over security” is a good one. Thanks for taking the time to participate. By the way, I love the images on your opening page. Here’s to many more travels!

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