Camino de Santiago: Albergue Etiquette

The first rule of the Albergue etiquette is respect. Don’t forget you are not at home, you should keep in mind that you will be staying in albergues with more than 50 other people, so you should follow some simple rules…If you can’t do this, just rent a private room!


  1. Follow the albergue rules: Find out what time the doors close, and be back in the albergue by then. If you plan to leave early, prepare your things the night before, to minimize the noise you´ll make when you get up.
  2. Take short showers to save water and to avoid making a line of people waiting to take a shower themselves.
  3. Use just one bunk. The surrounding bunks are not your storage place or clothes line. The same rule apply for the chair. It is there for everyone to use it.
  4. Your mother is not there to clean up after yourself. And no maid will wash your dishes. Pick up your own trash and be clean.
  5. Don’t steal the toilet paper.
  6. Leave your smelly shoes and socks outside the dormitory room.
  7. Don’t put your dirty sweaty backpack on the bed.
  8. If you must set an alarm, make sure it is very quiet and at a convenient place where you can turn it off very quickly.
  9. Once laundry is dry, remove it promptly from the wash line to make room for others.

10. Treat others as you would want them to treat you!


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