Yes, I fell in love with the lake of Ohrid! I fell in love with the soft sprig wind, with the calm blue waters and with the colors of the sunset reflecting in the lake – sunset that makes you feel and love…


A beautiful song about a beautiful Macedonian girl inspired my boyfriend and me to visit our neighbor country. Once, we have heard the song, it took us two days and we were on the road 🙂 Bulgarians don`t need passport to go to Macedonia, ID card is enough. We went by car and after 8-9 hours drive we reached Ohrid. It looked liked the road is quite good, there were signs everywhere – something that cannot be said about most of the roads in Bulgaria. We receieved a lot of SMS with information about the history of Macedonia and about all the places we could visit – also something interesting. In some hotels and restaurants you can pay in Euro, but be sure to calculate your currency carefully.

We have planned to stay one day, but we enjoyed our stay in Ohrid so much that we stayed two extra days.

Here are 10 things you can do in Ohrid to have a great time:

1. Take a walk around the lake

Take a slow walk around the lake, relax on the benches, take a breath of fresh air. There are cafes, hotels and statues of famous bulgarian historical figures – like Kiril and Metody or Kliment Ohridski. You can see a lot of birds, if lucky also some swans. It`s a nice way to spend some time.



2. Get lost in the old town

The small streets in the old town lead to old-style build houses and churches, shops for handmade jewelry and hidden cafes. Just walk around and you will find something beautiful.


3. Take a boat trip

This is something you definitely have to do. Don`t take a trip with a big boat full of tourist, but a small one. That way you can choose the route, the time and you can talk with the captain, of course if you speak Macedonian or Bulgarian 🙂 The captain of our boat was very funny and talkative and explained to us the whole Macedonian history, told us that Macedonia is the oldest country, the lake Ohrid is the oldest lake, in Ohrid is the oldest university, monastery and everything that you can imagine 🙂 Who knows, maybe something is true 🙂


4. Enjoy the beautiful view from the Samuil fort

Go to the Samuil fort – the highest point in the city. Long time ago there was a fort at this place, but the way it looks now is from the time when Ohrid was capital of Bulgaria and residence of Tsar Smuil. The fort has 6 main gates and 20 towers. It is reconstructed and I have no idea if there is something original left, but the view to the town and the lake is worth it.


5. Rest, drink beer and eat pleskavica

Macedonian cuisine is very similar to Serbian, Bulgarian and Turkish. Shopska salad, fried potatoes, pleskavica and local beer or ohridski yogurt (in Bulgarian ayran) is a good idea for a lunch. It’s very tasty 🙂


6. Visit some of the old churches and monasteries

In Ohrid there are many churches and monasteries from the 10 – 13 centuries. Probably the most famous one is the Church of St. John at Kaneo. We didn`t enter at any church, because we are not very religious and in Macedonia you have to pay to enter the church. And. of course the foreigners have to pay more. There is one small chapel into the rocks with spring inside. If you drink from it or wash your face you will be healthy, that`s what the legend says. There is no entrance fee, but one guy insists to sell you candles 🙂


7. Make s wish

On the pier you can find pictures of the zodiac signs. Find your sign  in Macedonian, make wish and throw a coin into the lake. It`s fun 🙂


8. Take a walk on the main pedestrian street

The main pedestrian street is not something special. There is a square with water fountain, very old tree and many shops.

9. Enjoy the sun on the pier

Lie on the wooden pier under the sun, wash your feet into the water and if it is warm enough you can swim or lie on the small rocky beach.


10. Fall in love with the sunset 

At the end of the day just find a bench, a place on the pier or on the rocks and enjoy the spectacular colors of the sunset over the lake of Ohrid…


That`s the story about my trip in Macedonia, I had a great time and enjoyed fully my two days there. And I го сакам езерото 🙂


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