feel sLOVEnia, feel like in heaven…

” Ni ga lepšga kraja,kot je ta podoba raja” …    

(“There is no other place like this, heaven like”…)

I saw this poem written in the museum in the Bled castle on the lake of Bled. In my opinion, it represents perfectly the way you will feel once seen the beautiful country of Slovenia. On its small area Slovenia has such a great variety of activities, places to visit and adventures to experience that, I think, even if you live there for 100 years, you would still haven’t seen everything this country can offer. From a seaside to high mountains, from lakes to caves, from biking to rafting, Slovenia offers everything for a perfect travel experience. This is the hidden jewel of Europe, one of the most amazingly beautiful places – so clean, so fresh, so organized, so friendly, place that I definitely need to visit again and again…


Some tips:

1. Going there: We went there by bus because it`s much cheaper than by plane. If you travel from Bulgaria, you should consider that the bus will stop on a gas station on the highway, which is maybe 10 km away from the city center. When we arrived late in the night, we decided to walk to the center. I can say it`s completely safe to do this, there are no strange people or wild dogs 🙂 On the way back we took a taxi and the price was 30 Eur. Actually we didn`t have more than 20 Euro left, so the driver agreed to take us for this price. You should also explain very carefully where you need to go.

2. Traveling in the country: The easiest and cheapest way to travel in Slovenia is by bus. There are a lot of buses every day to the main cities and tourist attractions. You can check the timetable on this website: http://www.ap-ljubljana.si/eng/. If there is no direct bus, they will give you information about the possibility to change buses! You can buy the tickets directly from the bus driver. If you buy them from the office in the station they will charge you 1.50 euro extra for reservation.

3. Sleeping there: My advise is always to book a room everywhere you go and especially in Slovenia. Most of the hotels and the hostels close for the night and a lot of them are fully booked. So, we spent some time searching for a place to sleep in the middle of the night. At least there is a free WiFi 🙂 There are also very nice campings if you like things like this, but the prices are the same or even higher than the hostels.

4. Prices: It`s much more expensive then you expect. If you think Slovenia is like the rest of the East European countries – it`s not. The standard is definitely higher, so be ready to spend a lot of money. For example: the cheapest double room in Bled: 40Eur, dinner for two in restaurant: 50-60Eur, entrance fee Postojna cave: 23Eur. Of course you can stay in other villages around Bled or eat sandwiches…

So, these are my advices and here it comes the more interesting part of this article:

10 reasons why Slovenia makes you feel like you are in Heaven: 

1. Because you can go round the lake Bled by foot or by bike

Going round the lake and enjoying the different view from each side, drink coffee under the trees while the swans and ducks are swimming next to the shore, resting on the benches… And then rent a bike and do the same 🙂



2. Because the view from the castle will take your breath away

The Bled castle has the perfect location over the lake and the view from there is simply stuning! The museum inside also deserves a visit.



3. Because you can ride a boat to the island by yourself!

There are many places where you can rent a boat, maybe if it`s windy you will need more than an hour to reach the island and visit the church on it. There is entrance fee to the church.



4. Because you can ride a bike in the Triglav National Park

I have never seen a place so clean, so green, so fresh like this park! There is a 25km route from Bled to very beautiful places in the park, just ask in the Tourist info center. Be careful not to miss the sign for the Triglav National Park, otherwise you can suddenly reach Austria, which is also not a bad idea 🙂


5. Because Blejska kremna rezina tastes so good you will want more and more

One of the best desserts I have ever tried!


6. Because Postojnska jama cave is like underground palace

Postojnska jama is the longest cave system in the country and has the longest in the world route open to the public – 5.3 km. Part of the route is covered by underground rail.


7. Because you will have new cute friends

In the cave lives the endemic spices proteus (human fish, olm) which is the largest trogloditic amphibian in the world. You can see some of them in aquarium. This picture I found in Internet, I couldn`t take any good photos because these cute creatures love the darkness and using flash is forbidden.


8. Because you can ride a bike to Predjama castle

You can rent a bike from hotel Sport in Postojna and have a ride to the romantic Predjama castle which is 10 km away in direction Postojnska jama. The road goes up and down, it`s not very easy but it`s cool 🙂 Only during summertime there is a free bus from Postojnska jama to the castle if you buy combined ticket.


9. Because you can enjoy the capital Ljubljana walking on the main streat, drinking coffee on the riverside or climbing to the castle



10. Because all this will be the beginning of a love story between you and sLOVEnia and you will need to go back for longer time because you couldn`t ride bike enough in the National Park or climb the Triglav peak, you couldn`t ride the beautiful Lipizzaner horses or rafting down the Soca river, you couldn`t visit Maribor or lying on the beaches of Piran, you just couldn`t spend enough time in the Heaven…



2 thoughts on “feel sLOVEnia, feel like in heaven…

  1. Wonderful story! I miss a little bit more Ljubljana in this reading, and more of those blissful landscape pictures… But I miss the country as a whole, so those are only details 😉 Imagine how it will all look like when there is a couple of sunny days together… 🙂

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