Lisbon: The magic of Alfama

Hey guys,

Here it is the second publication dedicated to Lisbon, presenting one of my favourite places to visit in Lisbon – Alfama!


Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon and the true heart of the city. Once outside the city walls, now Alfama is the most famous and visited area of Lisbon. In the past it has been home of dock workers and sailors, and it was pretty poor area. Today Alfama combines old and new, decay and modernity. The atmosphere around the district – with its narrow streets, colourful building facades and artsy coffee shops – is hard to describe, it has to be experienced!


Here you can visit the Se Cathedral, Lisbon Castle (from where you can enjoy a nice view over the city) and the National Pantheon. There also few famous view points called “miradouros” from where you can admire the beauty of Lisbon. One of my favourite spots is Miradouro da Graca where you can sit and enjoy a cold beer in the hot summer day.


Famous tourist attraction is Tram 28 which connects the district of Graça with Baixa and passes trough some of Lisbon’s most picturesque streets. Warning: it is often jam-packed with tourists.


My favourite way of exploring Alfama is on foot. And, guys, it is totally worth it. Every corner hides a surprise. There are plenty of souvenir shops, but as well little hand-made craft shops. There are fancy restourants, but as well some little family resaurants with traditional food. The walls of many buildings are covered with graffiti, most of the balconies are “decorated” with laundry. There are is distinct smell of fish in the air, and a variety of sounds. There are locals and tourists on the streets, artists, shop keepers, street musicans, cats, seaguls, and people from all around the world.




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