Lisbon: The charm of Chiado

Hello guys,

Continuing our walk in Lisbon, we surely cant miss visiting the charming district of Chiado – famous cultural and shopping area.

Since 18th and 19ths century, Chiado has been Lisbon’s favourite shopping area. Here you can walk the fashionable street ‘Rua Garrett’ where you will find famous designer clothes shops and boutiques. The districts combines old and modern commercial buildings as some of the shops are century-old while others are brand new. Chiado traditionally has attracted the elite of Lisbon since here we can find some famous cultural attraction such as the Lisbon Opeara house and Theatro Nacional Sao Calos, as well couple of museums. Here you can visit as well “Igreja de Sao Roque” and ‘Igreja do Carmo’ – two beautiful Baroque churches with stuning architecture.


However, the highlits of the district, or at least for me, is Cafe A Brasileira. This is one of the oldest and most famous coffee shops in Lisbon where in the past many intellectuals, artists, writers and philosophers gathered to have coffee, smoke, talk, read and write. Cafe A Brasileira was frequented also by the famous Portugese writer Fernando Pessoa. His staute is sitting now permanently in front of the coffee shop side by side with the other customers.


I am taking a moment here to present you the figure of Fernanod Pessoa. As a literature lover I “know” hundreds of writers, admire many, but deeply love only few. Fernando Pessoa is one of those who have special place in my heart. Pessoa was born in Lisbon, in Chiado district, his birth home is situated on Sao Carlos Square just opposite the Opera house. When he was 5 he moved in South Africa but returned later in Lisbon where he lived til his death. Pessoa is known as the gratest poet of Portugese language, but for me the best of his work is a non-poetry book called “The Book of Disquiet”. This is a collection of fragments, a “factless autobiography, which Pessoa was writing over the course of his life. The book is full of images, thoughts, emotions. Every page, every word is a treasure! I strongly recommend you to buy one of the many editions and check it yourself. This is certainly one of the best ways of getting to know Lisbon from a different angle!



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