Lisbon: The magnificent Baixa district

Hello guys,

Ready for some more of Lisbon’s beauty?

Baixa district is the heart of the city, and the place where you will spent the most of your time. It is located between the hills of Alfama and Chiado, and goes from the the banks of the River Tagus up to the Avenida da Liberdade. Here there are some of the most important tourist attractions, along with many hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, fashion shops, souvenir shops.


Must-see here are:

Praca do Comercio, with statue of King José I positioned in the centre,  is the most spectacular of all squares in Lisbon. It was constructed in 1755 after the great earthquake of Lisbon destroyed the entire district.

Elevador Santa Justa will get you from the Baixa district up to the ruins of the Igreja do Carmo church. To be honest, I never took it, but ticket should cost not more than 3 euros and it worth the ride just for the experience.


Rossio Square is one of my favourite squares. It is smaller than Praca do Comercio but is as colourful. It is surrounded by cultural buildings and restaurants. And it offers a nice view to the Alfama and Chiado hills.

Prace dos Restauradores is a smal square with a lot of activities. Also very charming, and  combining both new and old in harmony.


Praça da Figueira – okay, it is another sqaure but all of them have their unique charm. During Christmas here you will find big Christmas market where you can buy hand-crafts and drink tasty cup of wine.

Bottom line is walk around Baixa as much as posible. Have a cup of strong Portugeese coffee with some tasty pastry. Have a lunch of sea food and delicious wine. Walk along river Tagues and experience the beauty of Lisbon.




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