Portugal: Cascais for a day

Hello guys,

What about a little trip outside Lisbon?

The coastal town of Cascais is located only 30 km from the Portuguese capital and is accessable by train, bus or car. Trains run regularly from Cais do Sodre train station, the trip lasts 30 mins and the return ticket costs some 5 euros. Easy, right?


Cascias is charming little village, former residence of the royal family. Today it is one of the most visited summer destinations.It is the perfect place for a nice Sathurday walk, or a day on the beach. Dont rush into museums, or historicla sights! I would recommend you to just take a walk around the coast line among the boats and the seaguls, take a nice cup of Portugese coffee, take a delicious seafood meal in one of the many traditional restaurants, enjoy yourself!


Just outside the town (walking distance) is the famous Boca do Inferno/ Mouth of Hell. This is a natural phenomenon of the sea hammering into the rock and creating a booming noise. One of the “must-see”s in the city, only because it is indeed very impressive. Interesting sight as well is the Condes de Castro Guimarães museum mostly because it is hosted in an beautiful (very portuguese stuly) castle. Another beautiful building is Casa de Santa Maria and the light house. Cascais is actually very smal, so if you take a walk around the historic center and the coast like you will certainly pass by all of these, as well by many other beautiful buildings with typical southern architecture.


Perfect time to visit Cascias? Always.




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